NGNG ‘s first commercial!

Will you be starring in the first commercial for NGNG?

Would you like to feature in the first NGNG-commercial? Then make a short movie featuring yourself for the short film for the No Guts, No Glory Foundation!
The No Guts, No Glory Foundation is growing and this is partly due to the various social media. Unique initiatives have been kicked off and as a result the foundation’s bank balance is increasing. Fantastic!
But we want even more… That is why we will be putting together a nice commercial short movie, and you can play a part!

What to do?
Sream, shout, whisper, sing “NO GUTS, NO GLORY!” in a camera. Or depict the slogan in a totally different way. Be creative! We will blend all short movies into the first, real NGNG-commercial!

So get your iphone, webcam, camera or camcorder and send your movie through (format .mov, .mp4, .avi or .wmv) to